21.-23. September 2018

We as RT115 cordially invite you to celebrate the 40th anniversary of our table in Dortmund. We have put together a varied program for the weekend. Our values, our culture and the way of life in the Ruhr area is represented – so be prepared for lots of fun as well.

Friday 21.09.2018, evening program

Allotment gardens Ardeyblick
Source: http://www.gv-ardeyblick.de/

from 6 pm: Westphalian BBQ in the „Schrebergarten“ Allotment gardens Ardeyblick (Im Rabenloh 15, 44139 Dortmund)



To kick off the festive weekend we celebrate in the traditional environment of a classic Dortmund allotment garden. The garden plot, lovingly called "Schrebergarten", has been used for generations by the city dwellers in the Ruhr area as a recreational area, a vegetable garden and a small piece of individual freedom. There are currently more than 8,000 gardens in Dortmund, which cultivate more than 4,000,000 m² of land.
It is a meeting point for old and young, flower junkie and carrot farmers as well as stiff upper lips and hipsters. Bratwurst and beer will acommodate us while we discover the peculiarities of this great microcosm in the Ruhr area.

Saturday 22.09.2018, day program

Skywalk Phoenix-West
Source: http://www.skywalk-dortmund.de/

9am: Skywalk Phoenix-West (Phoenixplatz, 44263 Dortmund)



Saturday starts with an absolute highlight: The Skywalk. We experience industrial culture up close and visit the blast furnace plant on Phoenix West. The name says it all: in lofty heights, we enjoy a breathtaking view of Westphalia’s capital and learn interesting details about the history of the plant and the world of the steelworkers. A truly unforgettable experience (do not forget sturdy shoes).

Bergmann brewery
Source: Sandra Schaftner / www.dortmund24.de

11am: Bergmann brewery (Elias-Bahn-Weg 2, 44263 Dortmund)



A culinary highlight awaits us afterwards on a visit to the Bergmann brewery. In this owner-managed craft beer facility, the vast Dortmund beer tradition continues with delicious specialties such as Export or Urtyp. Crafty, distinct and innovative - like the new Dortmund itself. This is also evident in the adjacent beer hall, where all products of the brewery can be tasted comprehensively in a convivial setting.

Source: https://www.ruhrnachrichten.de/Staedte/Dortmund/Das-passiert-dieses-Jahr-am-Phoenix-See-152571.html

2pm: Phoenix Lake (Phoenixsee, 44263 Dortmund)



Well strengthened, we then make our way on the Elias route for a walk towards Phoenix Lake. There is no probably no better place to experience the structural change in the Ruhr area than this. Modern gastronomy, a marina and soccer players are set just a stone's throw away from the worker chic of the old district Hörde. This mixture makes the lake an exciting meeting place for the whole city – especially on sunny days.

Saturday, 22.09.2018, evening program

Industrieklub zu Dortmund
Source: http://www.wik-dortmund.de/

from 7pm: Anniversary celebration at Industrieklub zu Dortmund (Markt 6-8, 44137 Dortmund)



No anniversary without a gala. The Industrieklub Dortmund offers an astonishing view on the heart of the city, the „Alter Markt“. While the elite of the city meets during the day, we celebrate our anniversary in this exclusive ambience. A good basis for this is the traditional Westphalian menu. Afterwards we enjoy the various low and high percentage drinks that the well stocked bar has to offer.